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News Is Breaking
Betwixt and Between
Mad Libs
Abstract News Paper
Dot Dot Dot
An Incomplete Archive Of A Year
The Books That Have Not Been Checked Out Between September 6, 2013, and April 18, 2015
Mal d’Archive
All History Is Present
Prisoners Dilemma: Or The Passage Of Time With Aimless Labor
The Library
One-Room Schoolhouse
There Is No New Wave, Only The Sea
Gideon's Trumpet
Illegal Document: Or Attempt at Equal Exchange
Bus Stop for Bloomfield Hills
To Say Something Is Always To Do Something
Illegal Documents
Secrets Obscured Through Language #3
Wall Drawing #118 (After Sol LeWitt)
And Counting
One Hundred And Fifty More
Infinite Sleep
Cross Fire (Mercenary/Invisible Hand)
This Was Produced With Forced Labor
Mueller Report (After Jenny Holzer) (For Kazimir Malevich)
We Wept (After Bas Jan Ader)
The Transmutation Of Flesh To Gold
Untitled (White)
The Just Is Nothing Else Than The Advantage Of The Stronger
The Pen
Self Portrait with Laundry Bag
________ Is Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose
500 Foot System For the Destruction of an Electrical Circuit
Unnatural Deeds Do Breed Unnatural Troubles
Portrait of the Directors of The GEO Group, Inc.
Where Does Power Lie?
Portrait of the Directors of MTC Management and Training Corporation
24 Hour News Machine
What To The Prisoner Is The Fourth Of July?
Except As A Punishment For A Crime
You May Choose